Grayscale and payment app highlight litecoin and XRP in the top of the week

Key facts:
  • FINRA approves that Grayscale markets litecoin and bitcoin cash trusts.

  • They launch beta version of Payburner, XRP-based P2P payment platform.

During the week of July 25 to 31, the cryptocurrency market recorded significant growth. The increases observed in the vast majority of altcoins they reach 30%.

Bitcoin leads the boil that has been observed in the market in recent days and since July 27 its growth is substantial. In these seven days the price of BTC rose 18.7% on average.

The value ranged from $ 9,000 to just over $ 11,000, according to Live Coin Watch statistics. Bitcoin breaks the threshold of the $ 9,000 it held for several months. The advance relates to announcements that companies like PayPal, Visa and Mastecard are working with cryptocurrencies.

Ether also has a significant boost, which exceeds 23%. The price began to rise from July 25. The maximum is observed on the 31st, when it reaches $ 345. This July 30 the Ethereum blockchain turned 5 years old, while the platform’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, warns about the dangers of investing in the yield farming, the most popular segment of DeFi.

Other relevant cryptocurrencies in the market are also on the rise. Ethereum classic (ETC) is up over 16%, Ripple’s XRP is up over 24%, and litecoin (LTC) is up over 30%. With these values ​​the three are in the top of these seven days.

The this week’s most appreciated cryptocurrencies They are led by Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple’s XRP. Followed by EOS, bitcoin cash (BCH), and ethereum classic (BCH).


FINRA approves Grayscale to publicly trade litecoin

In these seven days the growth of the price of litecoin is 30.58%. The cryptocurrency experiences a significant rise since July 27. The advance, which brought the price to a peak of $ 58.32, became noticeable after the United States Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) approved cryptocurrency fund management firm Grayscale Investments to market Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash cash trusts.

These are open trusts, which will allow investors to have exposure to the movement of the two cryptocurrencies through a traditional investment vehicle. Through a Press release, Grayscale publicly offers investments in both crypto assets: Grayscale Litecoin Trust (LTCN) and Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust (BCHG).

Meanwhile, the Litecoin Foundation request new donations to the community for the continuity of the project led by Grin developer David Burkett to increase the privacy of LTC. Burkett is working on the implementation of Libmw, a MimbleWimble extension for Litecoin. LTC’s market capitalization is estimated at $ 3,818 million. The trade volume is USD 900 million.

The Litecoin Foundation requests more donations to advance the privacy project with MimbleWimble. Source: Live Coin Watch

Ripple implements beta testing of new payment platform

Product Director at Ripple Craig DeWitt revealed the launch of the beta version of Payburner, an XRP-based P2P payment platform. Through a publication On Medium on July 25, the manager pointed out that the new blockchain It allows instant and global payments between pairs.

DeWitt’s report coincides with the date the XRP price a gradual ascent began, which brought its value to USD 0.254 this July 31. In these seven days the growth was 24.6%. Payburner will use XRP as a native token. The platform is integrated with the universal payment identifier PayID. Includes a 1-click purchase function for e-commerce.

For now, Payburner only works with Brave and Chrome browsers. The addition of other browsers and applications for iOS / Android will be done soon. As of this date, XRP’s market capitalization is USD 11,512 million. The trading volume for the past 24 hours has been around $ 656 million.

Ripple’s new payment platform only works on Brave and Chrome browsers. Source: Live Coin Watch

EOS blockchain powers blood donation project

The EOS Costa Rica team He is currently working on the development of the Lifebank application., an EOS blockchain-based solution that offers incentives for blood donations. The goal is to help resolve the global blood shortage caused by the coronavirus. The project was the winner in the hackathon “Coding for Chang”, Organized last June by, team behind the EOSIO ecosystem.

In the framework of the promotion of Lifebank, the native cryptocurrency of the ecosystem, EOS, registers a growth 19% average in the last seven days. The rise became noticeable between July 29 and 30, when the cryptocurrency peaked at $ 3.17, while he met The app is competing for a $ 100,000 investment from the UNICEF Innovation Fund.

Through the EOSIO blockchain, Lifebank connect eligible blood donors, register viable candidates, and verify data. At the time of writing, EOS’s market capitalization is around $ 2,921 million, with a daily trade volume of $ 779.2 million.

The Lifebank app runs on the EOS blockchain and helps solve the global blood shortage from the coronavirus. Source: Live Coin Watch

Bitcoin Cash to be traded on Grayscale and organize conference

In fourth place in the top of the most appreciated is bitcoin cash. The value of cryptocurrency moved between $ 242 and $ 303. The rise in the price of BCH -like that of litecoin- seems to be related to the fact that one of the most important companies in the institutional sector, Grayscale, will make the two cryptocurrencies available to the trading public, through the company’s cryptocurrency trusts.

The two shares (LTCN and BCHG) will be available on the over-the-counter markets. The BCH community also prepares for the event «BCH: scaling the Globe«, On August 1. Online conference addresses topics from scalability and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Some 70 speakers participate.

The advance of the BCH price became noticeable from July 28. The average growth was 18%. At the closing of this report, the market capitalization is USD 5,562 million, with a daily volume of USD 743.4 million.

Along with litecoin, bitcoin cash will be part of Grayscale’s institutional offering for investors. Source: Live Coin Watch

New service integrates Ethereum Classic and Ethereum applications

Amid an average weekly rise of 16%, Ethereum Classic (ETC) ranks fifth in the top of cryptocurrencies. Growth occurs in the midst of ad that the blockchain company managed API service Bloq Connect, added support for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

Thanks to this new service, developers they will be able to connect and integrate applications in the two blockchains, as explained in a release of Ethereum Classic Lab. Meanwhile, ETC went from trading at $ 6.40 earlier in the week to being worth $ 7.40 at the time of writing.

“Without having to manage the infrastructure, developers can quickly start working with the test networks and main networks Ethereum and Ethereum Classic,” says the publication of this July 30. At the time of writing, market capitalization ETC is $ 861.9 million and the trade in the last 24 hours is $ 861.9 million.

The company Bloq Connect added support for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Source: Live Coin Watch

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